Friday, 29 August 2008

Our Bowling Champion [edisi copy paste]

Hee edisi copy paste dr blog judd.
Again, aku mls nak menaip!
Kena blh kan copy jgk.. sbb tu gambo2 dr digicam aku!

Trofi yg player dpt [aku xmain la tp nya]

Lagi cite bowling.. ehehe.. anyway, my team from BDN (The BDNers) dah participate in this tourney sejak January lagi.. 7 bulan compete in this league.. it was the 1st time BDN participated dlm liga.. so we didn't expect much lah.. just to gain experience.. so last week, all came to an end on a high note. =)

RM1k [uh pokcik2 itu kayo.. dema tak bg pon kat aku walau singgit.. sob!] :-( tp yg best nya dorg blanja mkn.. hee! [eh ye ke aku ni?] :p

The league was like this.. 20 teams participated.. so utk 1st round, the 20 teams will compete with each other head-to-head.. after 19 weeks, dapat la ranking 1-20. So the 20 teams were divided into 2 divisions - 1 & 2. BDNers were placed at a14th place so masuk division 2 lah.. so again, the teams in their respective divisions will compete head-to-head (in similar format as in 1st round) for 9 weeks.

Aku kelihatan sgt kurus di dlm gambo itu.. peh! & aku mencapub dgn memegang envelope winner :D

n the 8th week of 2nd round, we were at 2nd place.. Points for the top 3 position in division 2 tu semuanya rapat2 so the final match mmng akan menentukan sape akan menang coz all 3 groups stands an equal chance of topping the ranking. Lucky us, the 1st (viper) & 3rd place (my teamber) team met each other while we met this one team which consists of all females, with very high handicaps.. a very tall order to win i tell you.. but in the end, our team won 12.5-3.5 while viper & my teamber draw. Which means we topped the 2nd division!!! yeayy!!!

Yg 2org di belah kanan tu bkn player ye.. sj menumpang glamer [isk korang niihhhh, xabih2 nak glamer.. ngee] Rolly 1

Karok time!

It was a very sweet victory for our team walaupun menang utk division 2 je coz this was our 1st time participating in such event. Next season, we'll be participating again with 2 teams. This season, i just managed the team but hopefully, i can contribute more next season. =) [cik deidaa ckp kat juddin: aku nak join jgk.. tu pon kalo ko kasi aku main la.. kalo xkasi.. aku melutut la kat ko, xpon aku nangih2 dpn ko, agak2 ko kesian kat aku x?.. warghahahaha] Walking Home Crying
So after the prize giving ceremony, we celebrated by screaming our lungs out at a karaoke.. ehehe..

Deidaa: aku tak nyanyi.. dgr je mereka2 nyanyi!
Aku gi karok tu pon sbb naga blanja.
Terharu la jgk.. sbb aku xnak join sbb time tu kesuntukan uwang,
ye le baru eksiden.. keta kat bengkel.. gi tu pon menumpang kasih keta kengkawan.
Korang mmg baik.. huhuuuuuu aku bls dgn blanja mkn je la mampunya! Happy

U guys mmg rock!
Raise The Roof

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